Coatings Keep Your Roof at Its Best

We're the premier roof coating contractor in Ocala, FL and beyond

Have you heard about the benefits of roof coatings? A high-grade roof coating will reduce your energy consumption, keep your building cooler and extend the life of your roof. Florida Professional Roofing Services, LLC is the go-to roof coating contractor right here in the Ocala, FL area.

We offer single-ply recoating and membranes plus a metal restoration system for you to choose from. These coatings come with a 5- to 10-year warranty as well, depending on the coating type.

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Count on us for commercial roof coatings

Our residential and commercial roof coating process was designed to give you the best-performing roof. For instance, we will:

Clean your roof with a pressure washing service
Repair any seams and holes we find
Apply the roof coating of your choice

Better roofs start with us. Let us be your roof coating contractor today.